what is that noise?

woke me up – Friday Oct 27 at about 3am –
Unsure why I was awake – decided to a take a shower. I could hear the noise in my bedroom – but was not sure exactly what it was. Immediately I noticed how loud it was in my bathroom.
I sleep right next to bathroom
To demonstrate – I left phone by itself in bathroom

I can hear it in every room – but it loudest there.

Nothing is “running” in my house – except lights / fridge

Landlords just started installing new fire alarms – I don’t know if that could be part of it – this noise is new – I have ever heard it before.

It must be some machine running – but what where?


You can hear me leaving bathroom – then it is about 3 minutes of – deep loud rumbling noise. Then I return.

DIRECT LINK TO VIDEO FILE: https://watch.clickety-clack.click/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/loud-rumbling-noise.mp4

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